About Justapost


The world is an unpredictable circus and one is bombarded with a wildly diverse mix-bag of facts and events on a daily basis -ranging from the absurd to the embodiment of logic; from enraging to entertaining; from politics to pop culture.

At Justapost, we throw our arms into this mind boggling vortex of random phenomena and grab the most riveting ones and present them to you in a handcrafted package (because we type – with our hands)

One of our top priorities, other than to entertain, is to bring under the limelight emerging talents and ventures, and to give them a platform to broaden their reach and influence. You can find them in the category aptly titled “The Next Big Name”

The section “In Conversation with” brings to you success stories of individuals/brands and how they made it. An inspiring section bringing forth their likes and dislikes, what to do and what not to do, their journey and their mantra.

Our gift of the gab has us dedicate an entire section to sound our views on varied incidents in “Open Opinion”

The corporate minded need not feel left out either – we keep updating our “Corporate Corner” with contrary takes on business news. Plenty fodder for debate to keep you engaged.


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