Anurag Banerjee – 6 must-follow photographers on Instagram for 2017(chapter 6)

by Zaiceka Ahmed

“Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Jeena Yahan, Zara Hat Ke, Zara Bach Ke
Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan..”

too cliche? Try this –

“Shola Hai Ya Hai Bijuriya

Dil Ki Bajariya

Bambai Nagariya…” 

Perhaps Bappi da’s song best describes  this photographer’s love affair with his adopted city. Throbbing with passion, apathy, drama, tragedy, exhilaration, dejection, opulence, destitution – to capture Mumbai’s vibrancy in frames that silently voice the loudest testimony to the metro’s indomitable spirit is what Anurag Banerjee has made his career about.


(Anurag Banejee)


“Professionally, I have been a photographer for a little over three years now. Moving to Bombay in 2013, my first job was as a photographer with Time Out Mumbai. My small town roots has ensured that I am taken by surprise by almost anything. Bombay is like wonderland for me, the sheer size and intensity of the city exhilarates me to no end. To be living in this city on my own, and to be making work is what drives me. There are numerous reasons why I love Bombay – it teaches you to be yourself, it teaches you to be with yourself, it teaches you the value of work, most importantly, Bombay teaches you that no matter what, life goes on. And it is this constant cycle of life that one encounters everyday that I love the most. This city is a living, breathing mass. I look at it as my Hogwarts. Life can get hard sometimes but as Dumbledore said, ‘help is always available at Hogwarts – to those who ask for it.’ Bombay has a tendency to reach out to you when it puts you down. Bombay belongs to no one, and it belongs to everyone.” – Anurag Banerjee

This talented photographer shows that even after repeated trips, there is still so much to be discovered in the city of dreams…



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