6 awesome Aquaman facts you should know!

The much anticipated Justice League movie has got superhero fans berserk, and one of the characters stoking this excitement is Aquaman, played by the visual spectacle called Jason Momoa. Unfortunately, Aquaman has also evolved into the butt of all jokes which is kind of unfair considering how astonishingly strong he actually is!

Here are 6 instances in the comic universe that prove just that –

1.Contrary to popular belief and internet jokes, Aquaman is one of the strongest heroes of the Justice League, having bested Superman and Batman in combat who are the two most powerful champions of the league. 

2. Aquaman once overpowered a Green Lantern using his own will to override the Green Lantern’s power ring. He grabbed the Lantern’s arm and overrode the ring to form a sword which he then used to decapitate the Lantern’s head.

3. Unlike other super heroes, Aquaman doesn’t hesitate to kill his enemies. He once used his marine telepathy to summon sharks to rip his foes apart. In this he accidentally killed Black Manta’s father, an act which Black Manta avenged by killing his son.

4.  In one of Aquaman’s many space and time travelling adventures, he travelled to the planet Neptune in the 853rd century where he participated in a sort of interplanetary Olympics and saved the entire planet from an alien menace.

5. When it comes to swimming, Aquaman is the fastest there is,and though his upper is still unknown at a minimum he can surpass Mach 5. His reflexes are also impressive as he is able to dodge gunfire and lightening.

6. Aquaman is not answerable to anyone. He is the king of Atlantis.


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