7 things you want to know about Ashish Chanchlani  

For a guy who says his inspiration for comedy and acting is Akshay Kumar, Ashish Chanchlani is without a doubt doing his muse justice! The super popular and uber funny vlogger recently crossed a million (and counting) followers on Instagram , which makes him pretty much one of the most talked about entertainers among youngsters.

After much vetting, these are the 7 questions his viewers want to ask him most:

1. How close are your sketches to your real life?

“Very close! Most of what you see in the videos is what I have actually experienced, and if not, I’ve definitely seen something of the sort occurring around me. Of course it’s all exaggerated, but that’s the fun of it. Our generation experiences life very similarly, and that’s why my work strikes a chord with its viewers.”

2. If you woke up to find yourself to be one of the characters you enact, who would you want that to be?

“The guy who roasts a girl for pretending abuses in english are more acceptable/classy that those in hindi!”

3. …and who wouldn’t you want to be?

“The makeup tutorial girl. I think I really enjoy playing girls – it’s challenging and brings out the actor in me!”

4. Speaking of girl characters in your vines, why are they so annoying? Who is the inspiration behind them?

“I make a note of annoying traits from several individuals – be it my exes, my friends’ exes, my sister, cousins – club them up and assign them to one character who turns out to be super irritating! This said, I want to tell my fans that I know not all girls are annoying and I will perhaps inculcate more sane women characters in my sketches.”

5. What would you rather have – a show like that of Kapil Sharma, or, a sitcom like Sarabhai vs Sarabhai?

“A sitcom, any day. I’ve always been the class-clown, be it in school or college, and playing the role of a comedic or sarcastic character is something I could surely do, provided the script is good. There’s a different charm to sitcoms. A stand-up comedy/talk-tv series is a big responsibility to carry on ones own.”

6. How extensive is your production team?

“ ‘Production team’ is one way to put it! It’s just four of us friends – Akash Dodeja (my bestest friend!), Kunal Chhabria, Gulshan Ailsinghani, and I. We have a blast of a time working on projects together and that reflects in the end result. These guys make up my dream team and if I get to take my production to a bigger platform, it has to be with them.”

7. Would you go without using verbal abuses for a year in exchange for a million dollars?

“Of course I would…paisa hai yaar! I’ve toned down using abuses in the dialogues of the vines anyway, because well, a lot of the content was being reported online for being offensive. My answer might have been different a year ago, though.”


-by Zaiceka Ahmed

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