Turn into a Tree after you die!

If Nature were a superhero, we would be it’s nemesis. As long as we live we deteriorate our environment – we pump noxious gas into the air, release toxic chemicals into water bodies, mow down forests to build colonies to live in and graveyards to bury our bodies under.

While we can struggle to combat the first two villainies during our lifetime, the third one can now be rectified in our death. How you ask? There is now a company that offers an option that might have once been the stuff of a nature lover’s dream – the chance to transform into a tree! After you die, of course.

This is how it works – first, you stop living. Second, get your body cremated instead of buried. Third, don’t go spilling the ashes into any river. Fourth, and most importantly, store the ash in one of those biodegradable urns and bury the container in the ground.

These urns have a compartment that store the seed of a tree/plant from the species of your choice, which grows using the nutrients from the ashes left from the cremated body, among other things, to grow. So basically we are all set to redeem our selfish and greed driven lives in death, returning clean air and greenery back to good old nature!


Just like Batman and Superman in Batman vs Superman, we don’t have to be enemies forever 🙂


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