Bobby Joshi – 6 must-follow photographers on Instagram for 2017 (chapter 1)

By Zaiceka Ahmed

Hi, all! First of all let me wish everyone a very happy new year! Ok, so it is a little late in the day for that, but I guess it goes because it’s still the first half of January. Anyway, since I am looking forward to a great year ahead, I hope luck and beauty greets everyone of you readers throughout 2017. While I can’t guarantee the first, I can help out with the second. We are dedicating this entire week to bring to you 6 must-follow photographers on Instagram this year, the images captured by whom transcends visual bliss and lands in the realm of meditation, showing how accurate Keats was when he wrote, “Beauty is truth, truth beauty”

Let’s start off with a name every photography enthusiast already knows (if you don’t, you can’t really categorise yourself as one) – Bobby Joshi. Founder of, one of his most renowned shots – “The world below” – will be familiar to Bing users, as it was featured as a background picture of the homepage of the search engine.

”My dad was in the army, and ever since a kid, I have travelled extensively all over India. A point-and-shoot camera from my mom on my 8th birthday got me started on photography. Later working with consulting and tech firms, I got a chance to travel around the world and that only fuelled – both love for nature and photography. But life of a photographer isn’t always hunky dory and easy. From countless photography accidents, to bruises and cuts, and even more number of shoots being washed out, I see and experience new things on every trip. Once during a road trip from Germany to Italy, everything from my car was stolen and I was stranded in a foreign land without my passport, visa, equipment, and bag losing over $20,000 worth of stuff” – Bobby Joshi

Take a look at 5 of his most popular shots –



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