A 10 year old, or an old lady – who is a better driver?

If you find the thought of a 10 year old driving a car scary and irresponsible, the same fear should be applicable to the idea of a very elderly person behind the wheel as well. A child who drives is expected to be hazardous to himself and others around him mainly because of inexperience, lack of maturity and sense to take quick action, and possessing a body that can barely reach the pedals. On the other hand, an elderly person is just as much of a threat to his own own safety owing to reduced efficiency of sensory organs (resulting in missing road signs, or not noticing jay walkers), and also because of a threat of their health failing without a warning.

Now, if you had to pick between the two – a child and a very elderly person – to drive a vehicle, who would you think would make a safer driver? The one with years of experience in driving, you would perhaps? Well, think again. Here is an incident that will make you respect kids a little more.

Gryffin Sanders, a 10-year-old boy of Colorado, was in a car that was being driven by his 75 year old great grandfather, with his four year old brother in the back seat. She was talking about wildlife when she stopped mid-sentence and (due to a minor heart-attack) collapsed on the wheel – unfortunately with her foot firm on the gas pedal. Noticing this, he shook her to wake her, but she didn’t respond. Therefore, he did the next best thing to not get all three of them killed in a road accident, and took to the wheels himself.

As ridiculous as this may sound, instead of accelerating their doom it actually saved their lives.

The 10 year old steered his great-grandmother’s speeding Buick sedan, which was traveling at about 60 miles per hour, safely off the highway and into some mud just as her foot fell off the gas pedal, bringing the car to a stop. .

Sanders credited the game Mario Kart and his experience driving go-Karts for his ability to steer the car to safety. And parents say that playing video games is a waste of time.

This happened four years ago in 2013.

I wonder if he ever got to hear “go play outside!” from his parents since.

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