Why ICC can do away with Champions Trophy

The whole point of Champions Trophy, is to crown the champion among the champions.
But cricket is a funny game – how can a sport grow globally if the reigning champion of the T-20 format is not even there because of some crazy cut-off rule?
How will you spread to unconquered areas, when the so-called minnows are not given a shot with the big guns.
Apart from that, the scheduling of this Champions Trophy couldn’t have been worse, much like last time around. Constant rain interruption meant that all the matches begin with the threat of unfavourable weather looming large, which meant the teams always had permutations and combinations in their minds, which takes away the charm from the game, with no provision for even a reserve day.
This led to the point that the potential winner like Australia were left helpless, as all their matches were intervened by the rain gods.
This scenario also meant that all the matches were do or die, but it neither catapulted to any exciting game, except maybe Sri Lanka Vs Pakistan, the last game before Semis, where the match swinged at least six times.
While Bangladesh can no longer be termed as a weak team, they would have never made it to the Semis albeit the rains ruining the Kangaroos, the only thing to take away from this Champions Trophy was the resurgence of Pakistan, by far living upto the unpredictable tag, as always, this time more so because they literally have a very very weak structure, but Pakistan are this Champions Trophy’s​ West Indies.
New Zealand like always, were the dark horses, but never favoured to win the trophy. This could have been the best chance for South Africa, but then…
England was its same old self – overtly proud.
India Vs Pakistan has no spark left whatsoever. At least in cricket. (No pun intended)
Which brings us to the team of the tournament, who is going to lift the trophy, India, simply because Pakistan are no match in either Batting or Fielding to India.
But bowlers win matches. And for the longest amount of time, Pakistan have produced the greatest bowlers the game has ever seen.
-by Ankit Doshi

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