7 reasons why you must watch SRK’s Circus

Most (normal) people have sworn off Indian television, desperate to escape its nightmarish shows about low-budget CGI shape-shifting snake women, and unbearable family drama pitting women against each other not on the basis of say, career goals, but purely in a competition of uncensored jealousy or something equally demeaning, good old Doordarshan has come to our rescue.

Come 19th February (tomorrow), the channel will once again broadcast Shah Rukh Khan starrer  Aziz Mirza & Kundan Shah directed television series Circus, and honestly this could be what the Indian audience needs to start cleansing their entertainment  palate of the awful taste that currently lingers there.

Here are five reasons why Circus – even after 27 years – is far better than what television has to offer today

 1. It actually has a discernible storyline 

Yep. When you watch you actually understand what is going on. A feel good factor, really, that the writer of the show thinks you to be a smart human being who deserves to be served an intelligent story.

2. The story takes place in an unconventional set-up – a circus camp 

Confounding is an understatement to describe the backward slide of backdrops into the confines of domesticity (living room/bedroom/kitchen) from once open-air, realistic sets.

3. Characters don’t dress like they are at a wedding 

Garish costumes and loud makeup is a staple of every show now, and it doesn’t matter if the actions are unfolding in the day, or at night.

4. Dialogues are given more screen-time than OTT background score 

Can anyone scrape the unsettling dhoom ta nana dheeta na nana of one of the many Balaji Telefilms production?

5. It has a solid screenplay 

One scene does not have to be replayed 3 times to hammer its significance into the viewer’s head.

6. Animal species remain unique to itself 

Circus has tigers, elephants, lions, birds, etc. And it has humans also. Not in a single occasion does one transform into the other.

7. It has Shah Rukh Khan –

Seriously, put SRK in any sitcom of today and perhaps we can actually consider sincerely comparing it  with Circus!

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