Dawood Ibrahim regrets not taking a loan from PNB

Undisclosed Location: Nearly two decades of being the undisputed king in what he does best, smuggling, underworld don Dawood is finally starting to regret the career path he chose for himself. Speaking from his house to the set of reporters, the underworld don said he should have just applied for a loan from PNB bank instead of entering the world of smuggling, extortion and contract killings.

Dawood made such remarks after hearing about Nirav Modi and his dealings with Punjab National Bank.

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The dreaded don said, “Here I have been working my ass off to make some thousands of Crores and these guys just apply for a PNB loan and get it. What a waste of my life when I could have just walked into a bank and taken that amount in a loan. No bank officer would have dared to refuse me either. , educated people can get thousands of Crores in the blink of an eye while we have to threaten hundreds of people to get the same amount.”

Dawood lauded Lalitt Modi for introducing him to IPL, the only Modi he has ever benefited from.

Furthermore, he added ,”Worst thing is, even after working hard to make my money, I had to escape to a nearby country, while these guys escape to places like London and Dubai. I have to run my illegal business illegally, they run their illegal business legally, this is why we have decided to hire from top institutes this year like Harvard and Stanford rather than Para and Basti

Meanwhile, Chintu received a call from PNB bank employee to pay his Education Loan which he missed by a day.

Chintu mentioned, “Don’t you think you should worry more about 11,000 crores than my 45,000?”

The employee laughed and said, “Don’t worry we will deduct it from your father’s salary next month, we declare you a willful defaulter”

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