French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s marriage is a boon for feminism

No, he is not pushing any game-altering pro-women bill. He did something even more noteworthy, clearly so because it has drawn more media attention than any of his policies would worldwide. Emmanuel Macron is in the news for something that shouldn’t be sensationalised – his marriage.

The 39 year old is married to a lovely woman 25 years his senior. Their love has quite the backstory – 24 years ago, his now wife was his school teacher, and her second child – a daughter – was his classmate and widely thought girlfriend. He promised to marry her when he was just 17 and she was 42 and in a happy marriage with three kids, the first one being two years older to Emmanuel.

They married in 2007 when Emmanuel was 30, and his lady love 55.

Pardon me but I can’t help see an uncanny familiarity with the plot of a specific category of adult entertainment.

Which brings me to my point – it is so absurd that a man marrying (or simply being in a romantic relationship) with a mature woman is perceived so much an anomaly that an entire genre of pornography is dedicated to it (it of course distorts the entire idea to disturbing proportions). Basically, it is seen as a perversion, something out of the ordinary, unacceptable, and reserved for the depraved.

Compare that to the acceptability people have for a young woman marrying a (much) older man. You don’t have to look far, just consider our country’s sparkling history of child marriage, or the plethora of sugar-daddies in international popular culture. While some of us have a problem with the first, the second is at best laughed off with perhaps a meme or two in its wake. Hell, it is something most men, and even women, crave thanks to our man, Hugh Hefner!

Hugh Hefner with three Playboy Playmates. This really didn’t need a caption, did it?

Having become a topic so spoken about, this news highlights two sides of the same coin – one, the utter lack of commotion a younger woman-older man couple generates; second, and more starkly, yes, women too can prefer a partner much younger to her in age and be absolutely comfortable with her choice.

Perhaps its finally time to feature men in those anti-ageing product commercials and subject them to the same pressure generations of women have been buckling under.

-by Zaiceka Ahmed

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