Ephemeral Encounter

A few months ago an Emirates airline flight coming from Thiruvananthapuram crash-landed at Dubai International Airport (DXB). Today I would be flying back home from that same DXB, reciting the hanuman chalisa.

The following incident happened before I boarded the aircraft…

Dubai Airport, Emirates Airlines, Terminal 1 ticket counter no. 2:

She: Good Morning Sir, may I have your Passport &  Ticket please?

Me: Here…

She: Do you have any specific seat preference, sir?

Me(looking around): Yeah… a seat beside a that lady would be great.

She(looking at where I pointed): I am afraid she is flying business class sir.

Me(jovially, and not expecting a response): Then may be a seat beside any other beautiful woman would be great..

She(smiling): Sure, you can take that chair and sit beside me.

That was unexpected! She was beautiful and she knew it. I was slightly taken aback.

Me (thinking she was trying to show me my place, but still acting cool): Not now, but maybe some other time. You can give me your number and I will definitely call you next time I’m in this city.

She (charmingly direct): That’s private.

Me (proud that I comprehended her intention correctly, but still adding with a smirk) : Ultimate privacy is a myth.

She (politely placing the ticket on the counter): Here’s your ticket, sir. If it’s meant to be, we’ll meet again. Till then have a nice journey.

Me (with a wide smile): Thank you.

Later in the flight while I was watching a movie on the entertainment system, my attention diverted towards something scribbled at the back of my ticket which I had kept as a bookmark in my passport. To my surprise, followed by grave disappointment, I noticed the following:


A half written name and mobile number with a smiley.

One of the security staff must have torn and kept the other half.

I re-winded that conversation and rued not being more attentive at that moment.

Only if it was meant to be…

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