Excite – 3 business decisions that back-fired (Chapter #2)

Excite could have bought Google for less than 1 million dollars. The year was 1999 and Excite was the number #2 search engine just behind Yahoo. Google back then was a no body. The new kid on the block, Larry Page, in 1999 offered to sell Google to Excite for 750 thousand dollars. According to Excite CEO, George Bell the 750,000 dollar deal was just 1% of what Excite was worth at that time, so financing wasn’t an issue at all. The hiccup came when Larry insisted that if the sale went ahead Excite was to replace all of its search technologies with Google’s.

George from Excite thought that this was too much and refused the offer and Excite was eventually bought by the company now called Ask.com in 2004. At the time Ask had less than 2% search market share. Today Google alphabet processes a billion search results every day. They currently have around a hundred forty seven billion dollars in assets which is more than 196,000 times what Excite would have paid for them.


– as contributed by Lord Gyan Guru

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