Flipkart – keeping its core strong through crunches

Once again it is that time of the year when you will be summoned to a room for a discussion (which turns out to be more of a monologue since you won’t be given a say) which ends with a predetermined outcome. It is time for your salary appraisal.

If you are already bemoaning your pitiable income, or whining about your meagre salary and increment, here’s something that will make you scream in frustration.

The Amazon rip-off, but still the most revered ‘Indian’ start-up (despite its registration in Singapore) – Flipkart –  paid a sum of over Rs 10 crore to 6 of its employees and over a crore to each of its 101 other employees in Apr’15 – Mar’16. The company with a slightly exaggerated claim of being India’s biggest e-commerce platform, did this in a year when it faced a series of devaluation, and struggled to raise capital.

In spite of the tribulation, you may wonder how the company could afford to write out cheques of a massive Rs 300 crore to just its top employees. Actually, its such a rarity as it may sound. Corporate biggies (e.g., Microsoft, Apple, Insosys) do this to retain their core board members, and not lose their most valued employees (armoured with trade secrets and technical know-hows) to competitors.

So what does it say about those out there who have not been given an appraisal as big as another employee in your company? Here is the harsh truth – you are playing second fiddle to an elite group within your organisation. And you are, well, dispensable.

Here, take a tissue.


-by Lord Gyan Guru, with inputs from Ankit Doshi




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