Gaurab Borah – the man making the most of online marketing

My relation with the internet began in high-school days, and over the years it has become that friend whose existence in my life is lamented by my parents – because all I happen to use it for is downloading movies, and going broke with endless online shopping.

That makes one kind of internet user.

At the other end of the spectrum are people like Hyderabad-based Gaurab Borah – a marketing enthusiast who has discovered a goldmine of business opportunities simply by knowing how to implement the same resource – internet – in a smart way. In the midst of a hectic week of launching (an SEO tool and his latest offering in a series of softwares curated to guide potential entrepreneurs to take their venture online), 26 year old Gaurab spoke about his professional journey to success.

Early days: It’s not that bad to want to spend (if you can earn it right back)!

Like any youngster, Gaurab’s motivation to make it big came from chasing a high-flying lifestyle, “I belonged to a middle-class family, and a limited pocket-money was not enough to live the life I saw my peers living. I therefore started to work part-time building product review websites for digital products that would give me a commission for every sale I made” Later when he did land a full-time job in an IT firm, he realised that was not where his passion lay and quit in 6 months to focus solely on his online venture, and there was no looking back ever since.

Sharing his passion for building online businesses (which is also the crux of his trade)

“After all the time spent in research and trials, one thing I gained was an easy understanding of how to navigate various online platforms – the popular ones being the social media sites – to learn the interests of its users, many of who were struggling to give their ventures adequate visibility” says he.

Gaurab’s talent of devising innovative ways to reach thousands of internet users with minimal effort became the product he would master at selling.

“I began to write e-books, making videos, and designing softwares to address this problem and coach people on how to create a broad customer base, and get more traffic and leads on their websites. The response my digital products got was overwhelming.” Evidently the market was overflowing with new products and ideas, but its manufacturers desperately needed assistance to make its presence felt.

Sustaining a bond based on trust with his clients sets him apart

The internet entrepreneur has been active since 2013, generating nearly $2 million in sales and building a client list of nearly 35,000 people who form the core of his sales funnel (to learn how to build an email list click here ). However, unlike other companies with an extensive email inventory, Gaurab is adamant not to put up this valuable data for sale. He explains, “I prioritise earning the trust of my clients, be it via social media groups or direct emails. This is crucial to understand the specific needs and areas of interests that can be catered to. To make their contact details available to an external entity without their consent would be betrayal.”

Launching new products excites him most!

While adept at creating his own e-books and softwares like, the 26 year old has also made a name for himself helping others market existing digital products as partner and affiliate (one of the latest being utilising various advertisement platforms. “We organise week long launch schedule – 7 days of arduous networking and promotions. It’s invigorating to meet people with the same interests and know their perspective on the a common subject.” In the past four years, Gaurab has launched over 30 products.

Interestingly, instead of suddenly being broke like most people who quit their job to pursue their dreams, he saw a 10 to 20 times increase in income from his personal venture when he started giving it undivided attention.

But what is the longevity of such an enterprise? Endless, says Gaurab. “The internet provides a huge reach – countrywide and global – and people are looking to make quick money everyday, given that starting an online business requires a fraction of the investment a conventional venture would. The potential is endless.”

But what is the longevity of such an enterprise? “The potential is endless.”

So what are the fundamentals the expert advises to keep in mind when building an online business?

1) Provide value with your content, videos, ebooks, emails or any channel.

2) Take fast action – that’s the BIGGEST difference between successful people and strugglers. The sooner you act, the quicker you know what works and what doesn’t.

3) Be consistent – the only way to become best at anything is to do it repeatedly. The better you get, easier it becomes.

But the lure of an online business can also be its downfall. “Many people take Internet as an easy and quick way to make profits. To be honest – it’s NOT! Surprisingly, only 1-2% of the people actually make money online. Online entrepreneurs have to take virtual businesses as seriously as an offline business. To treat it like a hobby will be a waste of energy and total let down.”

What’s the best way to begin online entrepreneurship economically?
If you’re looking to get started on a shoe string budget, then start with email list building and affiliate marketing, I have prepared a small 28 page PDF for anyone interested to get started – Download it here

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