An Italian couple’s heartbreaking phone call to their parents before dying in the Grenfell Tower Fire

For many, London is the city of their dreams – if they get there (and into one of the several renowned colleges/corporate houses), they kind of reach a benchmark in their career. That could have been the case with Gloria Trevisan and Marco Gottardi of Venice, an engaged couple who had been in London for only three months living on the 23rd floor of the Grenfell tower – the building that was infamously destroyed in a raging fire a couple of days back, killing reportedly 150 people.

Their parents shared the tragic phone calls the pair made to them with heart-rendering final words as fames engulfed their flat.

Marco’s father, Giannino, said he called his son when he heard about the fire. “He played down the incident, I think to reassure us. At the last contact, he informed us that their apartment was flooded by smoke and that the situation was an emergency. Then nothing.”

Marco called his family twice at 3:45am and again just over 15 minutes later. “He was trying to minimise what happened, probably not to unsettle us.

“But in the second call – and I can’t get this out of my head – he said there was smoke, that so much smoke was rising.”

“We were on the phone until the last moment … At 4.07am he told us their apartment was flooded with smoke and that the situation had become an emergency.

“The communications broke down and from that moment on we no longer had any contact. The phone didn’t pick up again.”

Gloria called her family at 3am saying a fire had broken out and she and her fiancé were waiting for help. She told her mother: “Thank you for what you have done for me.”

Her grieving father told Italian newspaper Il Mattino di Padova: “They wanted to go down but said they could see flames going up the stairs and the smoke was more and more intense.”

Moments after she rang the phone line cut out and her father said he made hundreds of calls to this daughter after that but to no avail.

Gloria, a post graduate in architecture at Venice University, posted a number of photos of the block on her Instagram account, including a rainbow stretched across the city on June 6 – with the one word description: “Spettacolo (spectacular).”

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