10 Most Heavily Guarded Vaults on the Planet

If something is precious to you, you hide it under lock and key to keep it safe. When it comes to money secret recipes and the history of our existence there are people who will try to steal or destroy it so it must be protected, here are 10 heavily guarded vaults in the world

JPMorgan Bank Vault

Powerhouses JP Morgan & Chase came together and created one of the most heavily guarded vaults in the world which lies five stories beneath the streets of Manhattan. It is considered to be the largest gold vault in the world with a larger length than a football field. The vault is also close by to the Federal Reserve Bank which is also a heavily-guarded vault that has the US economy at its fingertips.

Wiki Leaks Vault

If you ever wondered where the server for Wiki Leaks is, look no further than Stockholm, Sweden. There lies a bunker that is 100 feet underground and protected by a 1.5 foot steel door. The server room for Wiki Leaks calls that place home. Also Julian Assange’s data computers are stored there as well. The owner of the vault a company called ‘Bahnhof’, which is a Swedish internet provider. The United States would love to get in there but that will not be happening soon!

Teikoku Bank Vault

The Teikoku bank and Hiroshima Japan has had some turbulent history especially at the end of World War II when the plane ‘Enola Gay’ dropped the bomb on Hiroshima. Anything near the bomb was disintegrated and eradicated in less than a moment. However the vault at Teikoku bank sat untouched even though the bank around it was wiped out. That means that all the goods inside were still safe. The company that made the vault used the bombing to sell their product which is a bit shady. But if an atomic bomb can’t get through the vault then your money and valuables are indeed safe.

Coca-Cola Vault

When you think of soda you think of Coca-cola. It is hence an obvious guess that the Coca-Cola company vault which houses the formula is going to be one of the most protected vaults in the world. At the world of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, Georgia, there is a dramatic demonstration of how the formula is locked away in a vault complete with lights and fog. Before this it was housed in the SunTrust Bank in Atlanta. Rumor has it that only two executives know the formula at a time. It’s believed the recipe is heavily guarded underground at the world of coca-cola and not just anyone can access the secret behind the formulation.

KFC Vault

KFC offers to provide lifetime free chicken to whosoever can replicate the recipe of Kentucky fried chicken. Several attempts have been made but none have even come close. KFC is known for their famous recipe of 11 herbs and spices that no one can seem to figure out. The recipe is so secret that not even the president of the company knows what it is. In 2009 KFC upgraded their security on the recipe by constructing a new vault with motion detector cameras and round-the-clock security. When transporting the recipe to the new location it was even locked in a box and handcuffed to a security guard. So in short KFC means business with their chicken.

Swiss Bank Vault

We often hear rich people say they have a Swiss bank account. In both pop culture and real life but the reference actually has some cloud as the Swiss bank vaults are some of the most heavily guarded and secure places in the world. Even something as simple as a safety deposit box has a three key system to access the goods some of the wealthiest people in the world have stored their money in Swiss bank accounts for over 200 years to their efficiency and heavy guarding.

Antwerp Diamond Center Vault

Despite being the victim of a massive diamond heist in 2003, the Antwerp diamond center vault is one of the most impenetrable vaults in the world. Some of the security measures include locks with 100 million possible combinations, heat sensors, magnetic fields, seismic sensors and even a Doppler radar. It truly is a multi-level system that seems to be safe but as the heist in 2003 proves you can never do too much to guard your vault because someone will figure it all out.

HSBC Gold Vault

It has an estimated twelve hundred metric tons worth of Gold, which translates to more than 70 billion dollars; all backing the largest commodity exchange-traded products in the world for the spider gold trust. Almost no one has ever seen the gold behind the spider gold trust. It’s in a super-secret location on only to a few people. We only know that it’s in the vicinity of London Jason Tucson. HSBC is the custodian the guardian of the vault and the gold. A news agency recently was allowed to visit but had to surrender all of their cell phones and GPS devices and were transported to the vault in a blacked out vehicle, not having no idea where they were going, just knowing their final destination, the vault. Once inside, the vault has more gold than Switzerland. HSBC stores gold here for a variety of clients not just the spider gold trust. If you don’t know where the vault is then you can’t get in

Iranian Gold Reserve

Just like HSBC’s gold vault, the Iranian gold reserve is so secretive that no one can say for certain exactly where it is. Iran’s gold output is estimated to be around seven metric tons but again that can’t be confirmed something that makes us believe Iran could be exaggerating. While others believe Iran is holding back, there are theories of the gold reserve is with the Imperial Treasury or even the Iran central bank, wherever it is you can bet it is heavily guarded and no one is going to get in there and live to tell the tale

Svalbard Seed Vault

Also knows as the Doomsday Seed Vault looks like something straight out of DC Comics on the outside. On the inside it is a hundred and twenty meter long barrow into a mountain and it serves a single purpose to preserve the world if disaster strikes. The seeds inside are in a package with four ply packets and in rooms to avoid moisture to keep them in good condition. It is estimated that it houses 1.5 million individual seeds and the vault is no different from a safety deposit box system. The facility is a state-of-the-art and fully automated. There is no full-time staff and no single person has all the codes necessary for entrance.


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