Look flawless in Holi? Yes, it’s possible!

That’s right, you can actually emerge from the crazy fun festival looking colourful, but not a mess who escaped a cyclone. Here are a few handy tips that let’s you go berserk on this occasion without compromising on your appearance (can’t afford that in the selfie era!)


Type of makeup & how to create the best look, including initial skincare.

Makeup for holi should be natural and subtle, as there are a lot of colors around. Achieving this is very easy, requiring only a few minutes!  But, before you start to apply makeup, there are few but very important things you have to do, and that is prep work (making your skin & face makeup ready)

1: Wash your face with water (thoroughly).

2: Dab with towel or tissue paper.

3: Apply moisturizer as per your skin type (normal to dry/normal to oily/combination skin) covering your face and neck.

4: Apply makeup primer all over.

Let it settle for few minutes & your skin ready for the perfect makeup.

This prepping is very important as it nourishes the skin & also creates a layer of protection.

 Perfect makeup

1: Take few drops of foundation matching to your skin tone or a concealer (if required, for discolouration) apply all over with help of brush or sponge.

2: Very light dusting of setting powder over a foundation to set it.

3: When it comes to eyes, keep it soft & enhanced by applying black or brown eyeliner & gently smudge it. The same step for lower line of the eye. You can also use black eye-pencil for water line.

4: Apply nice waterproof mascara for upper & bottom lashes.

5 : Clean the eyebrows with eyebrow brush.

6: Use a natural peach blush, as it suits almost every skin complexion.

7:  For the lips, you can either go with nude pink or natural brown pallet with bit of gloss.

And the perfect natural look for any skin tone & clothes is here!

 About cosmetics

Choosing the correct product is very important & equally confusing. Once again, keep your skin type, texture, & tone in consideration (normal to dry/normal to oily/combination/sensitive)

Using good quality products is also important, in terms of care & result. For Holi, pick waterproof cosmetics. It will last long & is not harmful to skin. My personal favourites are:

Clinique (moisturizer)

Makeup forever (primer)

Lancome, Estee Lauder, Mac,  Bobbi Brown, Benefits…

A few other brands locally available are shown below:

Removing makeup is just as important!

Unfortunately, this step is usually ignored whereas it just takes 3-4 minutes.

1: Take few drops of makeup remover on cotton pad or makeup remover wipes & gently swipe.

2: Clean your face with face wash, & dry it.

3: Apply moisturizer & it’s done!


  • Use dry & skin friendly colors for holi.
  • Avoid water colours & water in terms of saving water & skin, as liquid colors dries up skin & even stains.


Doing it right completely changes the look…

Considering holi, it should be casual.

1: If you have short hair, it’s better to keep it open & sleeked

2: Soft waves, frontal rope braids on sides with center or side partition will look amazing for medium length.

3: soft & lose side braids will work best for long hair & it’s easy to manage in summer.

About the author:


Prajakta Malvade is a professional makeup & hair artist who studied master makeup program in Los Angeles, CA. and specializes in character makeup. She mainly works in advertising, fashion, music videos, editorial, and most recently lent her skills to Bollywood singer Papon’s music video, national campaigns for Radio City, Times Jobs.Com, and Sony Liv.

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