6 things you didn’t know were invented in India

28th February is celebrated as National Science Day in India, commemorating Dr. C.V. Raman’s contribution in the field on the same date in 1928 when he discovered the famous Raman effect (change in the wavelength of light that occurs when a light beam is deflected by molecules, duh!)

(Demonstration of the Raman Rainbow)

However, giving shape to innovative ideas has been around for centuries before the time of this ingenious scientist, and some of these are so common place/underappreciated that we never stop to think where they originate from.

The answer, of course, is our very own India.

 1. Buttons

Primarily for ornamental use. Found in the ruins of Indus Valley civilisation.

2. Shampoo

The very word is derived from Hindustani chāmpo and dates to 1762. A variety of herbs and their extracts were used as shampoos since ancient times in India.

3. Ruler

Rulers made from Ivory marked with infallible metric accuracy were in use by the Indus Valley civilization.

4. India Ink

The dye without which ink wouldn’t be as we know it.

5. Weighing scale

Back to Indus Valley origins

6. Decimal point

Considering the humongous contribution of Indian scholars to mathematics this shouldn’t be a surprise.


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