Jai ho, Trump NO!

Not only has US Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, stolen our Prime Minister’s campaign slogan, he is also strenuously trying to hijack our national bane – the Hindu-Muslim divide.

My heart goes out to those Indians who spent a fortune on education, VISA applications and airline tickets to escape this vile quandary plaguing their motherland to now find it tailing them to their land of escape.

Never have I been so offended by and never have so many students pursuing film-studies dropped out of college because of a clumsily edited 30 second video clip showing a desperate Trump undermining the intelligence of a large chunk of the smartest people on Earth in thinking that they would buy into his hogwash of a pitch.

After all the racial slurs against the “bad hombres”, the Chinese, Americans of African descent, and immigrants of all kind, the real-estate mogul is frantically clawing at the walls of the deep pit he has dropped himself into, hoping that placating the only ethnic minority he has not directly attacked will get them to throw down a rope.

Not surprisingly, his latest declarations of love for Indians in

“We love the Hindus, We love India!”

while excluding with surgical precision Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, even more starkly Muslims, as citizens of the country he loves so much, he has found enthusiastic supporters in Hindu Nationalists back here. This group, in all probability are not aware of Trump’s ultra right-wing immigrant policy which threatened to deport international students/residents that include Indians who stay in the US – the same people who earn tons of money to send back home which partially supports the Indian economy – neither do they understand the peril that lies in his undefined foreign policies. Forget about pandering to his grossly limited idea of the Indian populace, he is a risky bet for any nation!

Despite its pride in being the most ethnically diverse nation in the world, the US has always been divisive in nature:

  1. The South passed draconian laws after the Civil War to deprive African Americans of their civil liberties for decades following civil conflict.
  2. Laws such as the Chinese Exclusion Act specifically targeted the Chinese and barred them from entering the United States.
  3. The attacks on Pearl Harbor were followed by the president issuing Executive Order 9066 which effectively controlled the Japanese American population and placed them in internment camps.

to name a few of such segregating tactics. Don’t even get me started on the racial profiling that Indian Sikhs were subjected to after 9/11.

Electing Trump will only sustain such divisive efforts, it will also score a win for extreme nationalism and white supremacists which will negatively and directly affect the Indians living in the US.

For now let’s just say Trump should learn to respect women, to be honest, not to denigrate  Mexicans, Muslims, the disabled, not to evade taxes, and try not to be an arrogant bully.

He can then continue his campaign in Hindi.



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