9 things you miss most when you leave Kolkata

Congrats! So you have now completed your class twelve board exams/graduation/two years at  your first job, and you’ve bought your one way ticket out of this reputably slow-paced metro.

However, as they say, you can take the Kolkattan out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the Kolkatan! Once you have settled in your new location, be ready to welcome your new best friend, Nostalgia.

Here is our bet of the things you will miss most about this city..


While people of other metros can’t stop bragging about the fast-paced cultures of their cities we can’t have enough of  the romantically sedated tempo of the capital of Bengal. Lovingly, we like to call this “lyadh”.

Courtesy – The Lyadh page (Facebook)


Anyone who says social media has eroded socialising with people in real life has grossly underestimated the bengali’s superpower to interact face-to-face for endless hours and talk about random things at anyplace, anytime. Often, participants are introduced to each other for the first time only after the debate/discussion is over.

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3. PARA..

..the annoying-cum-caring inhabitants of which nose around in your personal matters, like keeping a note of which guy drops you home, to what you wear when you step out of the house. But you also always receive that box of sweets on festivals, and become the neighbourhood hero on scoring the highest in your exam.

Once you move out, you will miss your para, or neighbourhood.

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The signature drink of outdoor adda, special not only for its flavour, but also for the earthen cups they come in.

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Potato. Let me explain it to you. Biryani is not biryani if it does not have meat. Biryani is not good biryani if it does not have potato. It has pretty much become the signature dish of the city, and also reason enough for some of the out-migrants from Bengal to toss their flight ticket into the trash.


If you thought getting that 6-pack ab required dedication, you might have also thought about that one cheat food which you wouldn’t give up. If you’ve lived in Kolkata all your life, your choice is pretty much sweets.


If you are a fish-eating Kolkattan you probably know more about aquatic life than a marine biologist. And you will miss the lively commotion of your neighbourhood bio-lab.

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In some cases, the fare starts from as low as Rs 5.

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Last but not at all least: the happiness, fervor, mood, and festivities which preside over Kolkata on the 5 days of Durga Puja are indescribably incredible. No other city comes close to it in spirit.

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Love it or hate it, home is where your homies are.

What do you miss the most when you move out of Kolkata? Let us know in the comments below.

The content of this article is inspired from http://www.thebeaconkolkata.co.in/things-about-kolkata-that-you-will-miss-after-leaving-the-city/ 



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