8 times famous people got experimental with their choice of pets

If you believe you love your pet, then today is the day to throw it a grand party – because 20th February, if you weren’t already aware, is apparently “Love your Pet” day! And if you don’t happen to a be proud owner of an adorable (occasionally) and loyal specimen of a different species, perhaps this is an opportunity for you to adopt one. But before you decide if you are a cat person or a dog person, here are a few other options you can consider to bring into your homes as did some eminent names in the past.

Disclaimer: You may need giant balls to give a thought to some of the contestants!

 1. Marquis de Lafayette (18th century French aristocrat)

    Owned: American alligator

  2. Roman Emperor Nero

Owned: Tigress

Which reminds us of Mike Tyson and his white tiger…

3. Elvis Presley

Owned: Kangaroo


4. French President Francois Hollande (2013)

Owned: Camel 

5. Japanese Emperor Akihito

Owns: Exyrias Akihito

6. Slash

Owned: Boa Constrictor 

7. Nicholas Cage

Owned: Octopus 

8. Michael Jackson

Owned: Chimpanzee

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