The edible Ruby – a cool new naturally pink chocolate

If chocolate wasn’t tempting enough already, Barry Callebaut (world’s largest cocoa processor) has developed a fourth variety of the universal mood-lifter which puts a bullet in the head of a reason that might have dissuaded you from picking the pretty pink cupcake at a baby shower – food colouring.

After dark, milk, and white, it’s time for Ruby chocolate, and guess what? It gets its pinkish hue not from any synthetic dye; it literally comes that way from its beans (grown in Ivory Coast, Ecuador and Brazil – all three names I’m familiar with thanks to FIFA).

The latest innovation in the world of chocolates comes after 8 decades since the last one when Nestlé introduced white chocolate, and the company that came up with it describes its flavour as “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness”. I can’t say about the luscious smoothness, but the fact that it would have a berry flavour was a bit obvious. No complains. The variant is speculated to become commercially available in the UK in the next six to eighteen months. So, if you are not planning a trip to that province yourself, perhaps it’s time to build a rapport with otherwise tiresome relatives who are.

But here is the true highlight about Ruby chocolate – though it sounds new to us, it has actually been under development since the last thirteen years. What convinced the Zurich-based company of its commercial viability just two years back is the millennials’ obsession with sharing images of everyday food as brightly coloured fare on social media, giving rise to past trends like black ice-cream, rainbow bagels and, more recently, multicoloured unicorn toast and even Unicorn Frappuccino.

Peter Boone – chief innovation and quality officer for Barry Callebaut – says the ruby chocolate satisfied the “hedonistic indulgence” of millennials, and, “It perfectly matches the food trends now, so I think the market will respond very positively to it”

Well, I suppose Instagram is good for something other than silently draining the life out of your should-have-been active years after all!


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