The Wall’s way of Turning down an Honorary Doctorate from Bangalore University

Contributed by Lord Gyan Guru

Do you remember the way he hung his boots? He did not wait for a series to begin to announce his retirement. He called it quits when he thought it was the right time. There were no last laps, no guard of honor, no hoopla and just a namesake ceremony.

Only if, Dravid was born in the same era as Sachin, he would have been slightly more popular. Everyone recalls the 281 which VVS Laxman made in the Eden’s test but hardly people remember the 180 which he made standing at the other end defending India like “The Wall” literally. He had an equally important role to play just like Laxman did. His records are a reflection of what his contribution has been to Indian Cricket.

What tops it all; he is an absolute good boy of Indian cricket in the true sense.

This is what people think of him

This is what he had to say about his career. Humility personified.

You cannot hate this man, if you do you’re struggling in life.

Recently, the Bangalore University wished to confer an honorary doctorate on Rahul Dravid, he politely declined and informed the authorities that he wants to earn the doctorate and not merely receive one.

The Vice Chancellor said in the release, “While thanking the University for recognizing him, he (Dravid) has in all humility declined to accept the honorary degree.”

Find the University’s letter here:

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