Win or Lose, Federer is a champion

Europe has serendipity. In it, UK has scenic beauty; England has class. London, suave. Wimbledon, manners. Even more, Wimbledon has Roger Federer.

No, Tennis has Roger Federer.

For this generation, Roger Federer is synonymous with greatness. Interestingly, this greatness does not come from the fact that he has the most Grand slam wins ever in the (Gentle)man era. Neither does it come from the fact that he is the winner of the highest number of singles grand slam victories, surpassing Serena Williams, this Wimbledon.

This greatness does not come from the fact that he was the most marketable sporting icon in 2016, nor because he was number 1 for a record 302 weeks.

Not even from the fact that he scored a career grand slam in 2009, completing all the four majors, by winning the Clay.

This greatness arises from the phenomenon that every time you feel his time at his peak is over, he comes stronger, tossing every speculation made by tennis aficionados out the window.

This greatness comes from the fact that despite being Roger Federer, he has only respect for all his opponents, be it any or every Tennis Star.

This greatness comes from the fact that he is as gracious in defeat as he is in victorie.

Never has a sports star’s career been so taint-free or without controversy.

He does what he does the best, without giving a damn to who his opponent is.

Simple play making has marked his game, giving him his 10000 ace at his favourite Slam.

One can look back at 2016 to understand exactly what this man – outwardly calm, but with a raging fire for fight inside – is capable of achieving when he puts his mind to it. In a hiccup in his enviable run thus far, injuries forced him to take a break. As a result, for the first time in his career, he missed two majors. He was ranked the lowest since 2001 and took half a year, to recuperate.

This was all the trigger needed for the world to raise a white flag over his potential to perform, and sounding off rumours of retirement.

It’s not for nothing that Federer but is the legend that he is. Back he came to prove his detractors wrong and won the Grand Slam Down Under. Once again.

Once again the greatness soared. And this greatness has engulfed the Centre Court since last fortnight, bringing us to the (Gentle)Man Singles Finals where Roger Federer is having a go at his 8th Wimbledon Trophy against the Croatian Giant Marin Cilic.

”You need Faults for the Aces”

Ankit Doshi to Roger Federer!

-Ankit Doshi

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