Samran Hannan – 6 must-follow photographers on Instagram for 2017 (chapter 2)

By Zaiceka Ahmed

Being associated with the behemoths, National Geographic as well as BBC Earth, Samran Hannan’s Instagram account is sure to transport you to the icy Arctic wonderland he has been travelling in the last couple of years, with the magical feel and honesty to nature intrinsic to these two institutions.

Not to mention the money the virtual trip will save you on visa and tickets.

“I was introduced to the wonders of nature by the National Geographic magazine the riveting images in which seemed like a collaborative venture between two souls on either side of the lens. At present, I believe it is the issue of climate change which is crucial to the human race and every other species, that demands our attention, and its negative affect is most evident the flora, fauna and ecosystem of the Arctic. Most people will never visit this isolated region to observe and experience it first hand, ergo a sense of duty to share arose. The power of photography is such that it can do indefinitely more than just document – it also evokes a sense of consciousness.

The daily litany of obstruction (visa applications, excess baggage fees, misplaced baggage, long layovers, indefinite flight delays, bad weather, lack of sleep or fatigue) that encumbers my quests, actually propels my determination to explore the unknown further to capture that transcendent image which will speak a thousand words.” – Samran Hannan

Here are six photographs most characteristic of his style:




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