An abduction of 2 women by their stalkers we were okay with

Tensed, two girls (presumably college students) scurried toward a bus stop, trying to outrun two young men at their heels. To their relief, a bus came their way and they promptly hopped into it, visibly glad that they escaped the unwanted attention of the stalkers. The two girls smile at one another, and lost in the excitement of their victory they commit a blunder – as the bus began to roll away, they cockily waved goodbye to the two pursuants.

As is the tendency with stalkers, these two also saw this gesture of clear rejection as a challenge to prove to the escapees that men get what they want. Obviously, they take it up. As the two girls settle down on seats vacated for them by two gentlemen in a crowded bus, horror awaited them outside.

One of the two men is heard loudly declaring his love for one of the women, while chasing down the bus on a busy road. Not receiving the desired response, he grabs on to the window of the vehicle and continues with his undue declaration. The woman was clearly not liking the way the situation was panning out and pulled her elbow inside which was till then resting on the sill.

Her friend and she were supposed to have left the annoyance, anxiety, and uncertainty behind at the bus stop with the two nuisances – who were expected to stay put and give up the chase!

The women quickly changed seats, moving to the opposite side. This might have been effective weren’t there two of them outside. Not surprisingly (since this side of the road had less traffic) the other bloke performs the same outrageous stunt – declaring his love for the other woman while dangling from a window. The two men had clearly thought out the progress of their victims movements beforehand, resulting in such coordination.

The victims were not only annoyed but also mortified. So they did what women do best in such a situation – continue to ignore the harassers. However, an extra step to ensure protection wouldn’t hurt, would it? It was a double decker bus they were riding, and the likelihood of their stalkers climbing on to the level above to hang on to the bus seemed very small.

Thankfully, they were right.

But the stalkers were the determined kind. As the bus picked up speed, they forsook running after it. Instead, they procured a  two-seater bicycle and continued the chase. One of them waved at the girls, the other went a step further and winked.

This crossed the line for one the women and she uses an improvised catapult to shoot an obstacle into the wheel of the bicycle to disrupt it rotation which also resulted in the two toppling off the two-wheeler onto the road. The women’s laughter at this accident reveals their resentment.

Unfortunately, their expectation to ride away to safety came crashing down when the bus suddenly screeched to a halt, and all the passengers begain to disembark. The girls, curious, decide to follow suit. They were the last two passengers on the vehicle. Just as the women were a step away from disembarking, the nightmare of every Indian woman came true – they found themselves trapped in an empty bus with just the driver at the wheel, and a conductor blocking their road to safety. These men were the stalkers in disguise they had been trying to desperately escape, even going the extent to hurt them physically. One can guess that crossed the line for the other two!

Two women stuck on a desolate road in a bus hijacked by their harassers.

If one paid attention, they could have heard blood drain from the girls’ faces (it wouldn’t be visible because they were wearing heavy makeup). Their knees might have buckled, and their forehead must have broken into a nervous sweat. The hijackers leered.

The one blocking their way intimidates them away from the door while the one behind the wheel steers rashly, deliberately making the women lose balance and fall on a seat.

Hearts racing and survival instinct kicking in, the women opt for their best chance to emerge unharmed by their abductors, one of who was 6 foot 2 inches tall. The women give in to their demand of romantic love and declare their consent for an alliance they were fervently trying to  destroy till they were kidnapped – establishing an unhealthy precedent for every future stalker, and his victim.

The nation witnessed this incident unravel, and instead of organising a protest, they danced to the tune that played in the background.

You see, the two men in action were Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor, and the two women were Parveen Babi and Bindiya Goswami.

The incident described, the video of  the superhit song “Jaanu Meri Jaan” from the 1980 action-thriller, “Shaan”.

Indian mainstream entertainment. Creepy.

by Zaiceka Ahmed 



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