The (Range) Roving Yogi

@YogiSwamiRamdev features in the list of top 50 most influential people in the world with one of the most influential brands to his name too, Patanjali.

Baba Ramdev’s success in making yoga popular can only be surpassed by his success in creation of the Patanjali brand. The way he has fascinated top Bollywood celebrities & politicians helped him become the brand that he is now.

Babaji is a name to be reckoned with.


Patanjali, the one-stop shop for everything from shampoo to biscuits from ghee to noodles (Maggi doesn’t taste the same as before) is growing at an alarming rate. The company clogged a 100% rise in sales (~5000 crores) in the year ended March’16. To Juxtapose that with HUL’s growth, it was dismal 4% in the same period, total net sales standing at (~32,000 crores).

The bearded 50-51 year old baba has set up an ambitious target of ~1Trillion rupees in sales in the next 10 years. The Indian GDP today stands at roughly 2 Trillion Dollars with an average growth rate of close to 6%.

Which means a compounded growth for the GDP will take India’s economy to ~3.6 Trillion Dollars in the next 10 years. The rupee equivalent being ~230 Trillion. Babaji aims to capture ~0.5% of the GDP with his brand. Least to say it is insanity redefined.

To put things in perspective Tata Steel Group has a net revenue of ~20Billion Dollars which is close ~ 0.01% of the GDP

While the yogi turned entrepreneur has got his calculation wrong, he has judiciously used the Haridwar’s Purity as a mark for his brand purity.

100 points to babaji for that.

Haridwar was once known as the place people would visit and try and wipe-out their sins. It was a destination symbolic to purity. Today it is a different story altogether. Haridwar and Patanjali are synonymous. Taking one without the other is like having Nestle milk without Bournvita.

Hang on!



But has all this been easy?

Patanjali group and the management ran into trouble after the midnight police bust, when Babaji tried to escape in a salwar, and charges of money laundering and tax evasion were levied on his image. His accomplice & now CEO Balkrishnaji was imprisoned for a month for carrying fake passport with an Indian identity. The company denies the charges, however, its strange to find Patanjali Yogapeeth has a centre in Mauritius, it’s quite a food for thought!


Babaji has always urged to reduce consumption for foreign goods, the recent rhetoric suggesting to boycott all Chinese goods.


Babaji tweeted this with his American Apple iphone which was assembled in “China”.


It is only us who ethically should not buy products manufactured by MNCs, because that would reduce the available pie for babaji, apparently babaji being a yogi has a liking to the finer things in life, like his Range Rover love.


It only makes me wonder if Babaji uses anything Indian.

imagesContrary to Babaji’s claims, Patanjali does outsources manufacturing of some products. Biscuits are made by Delhi-based Sona Biscuits and juices are outsourced to GK Dairy & Milk Products Pvt. Ltd.

Patanjali has been slammed with “gross exaggeration” in some of their commercials on hair oil and washing powder.

With such gimmicks under his belt, babaji is definitely a name to reckon with, and his claims and authenticity worth discussing about.

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