University offers an actual course on Batman

He is vengeance, he is the night… he is also the syllabus of your midterm paper. I’m still talking about Batman. If an academic institute were to pick just one character from the vast realm of superheroes, the obvious choice (if not the only choice) would have been DC’s Caped Crusader and inarguably most complex character – Batman.

While some may think such a prospect can exist exclusively in fanboy/fangirl fantasy, University of Victoria has already taken the leap of faith and won the cool quotient by offering an elective course literally called the Science of Batman. While the curriculum does not teach you ways to become a billionaire vigilante, it does explore the scientific reality that is Bruce Wayne’s alter-ego. The course explores such themes as using Batman as a metaphor for both physiological and psychological human conditioning, adapting exercise and preparation for achieving personal goals and the science behind injuries and the recovery process.

(Bane literally breaks Batman’s back, but Bruce Wayne somehow makes a full recovery)

The course content is based off a book called Becoming Batman (2008) authored by Dr. E. Paul Zehr, which looks at the possibility of a person becoming Batman from a variety of different disciplines including neuroscience and muscle physiology.

Add Batman to anything and it instantly becomes cool, including group projects, in which students are required to assemble  into groups and make a movie showing a correlation between  any part of the Batman Universe to any scientific discipline (for example, a movie about the biochemistry behind Scarecrow’s fear gas).

(A villain in the Batman world, Scarecrow is a trained psychologist and biochemist who utilises chemical agents inducing fear and hallucinations)

Beginning to think you chose the wrong discipline in college? Me too.

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