Vineet Vohra – 6 must-follow photographers on Instagram for 2017 (chapter 3)


by Zaiceka Ahmed

There was this poem we read in school – “Lesisure” by William Henry Davies. I used to hate it. It started with the lines:

“What is this life if, full of care,

We have no time to stand and stare.”

It made no sense to pause between a tight schedule to just look around at seemingly inconsequential things – until I came upon this soul-stirring picture of a priest with transfixed eyes overwhelming with raw emotions. In a single moment, this shot by Vineet Vohra summarised what street photography is all about – it shows that there is drama even in the smallest things one considers of no consequence. A browse through his gallery on Instagram reinstates this idea time and again.

Born in Delhi, Vineet Vohra dons several hats – in 2011 he co-founded the evolving magazine APF ( and is currently judging several street photography competitions the world over, including ones at San Fransisco and Brussels. Vineet is also the first and only Leica Ambassador in India, and is ranked number three most influential street photographer in the world by a leading website.

 “I did masters in fine arts from the college of arts, New Delhi. I am a self-taught photographer and street photography is a passion that I live like a discipline. Although I started shooting as a wild life photographer for two years I switched on to street in 2001, it instantly became my passion and my first nature. To me street photography is a journey and I travel everyday, I am learning and unlearning everyday, I strive to improve everyday. Through my lens, I try to capture with as honesty as I can ‘Life’ which in general is so unexpected. I try to synthesize human elements with the environment & my main focus is to make ordinary moments look extraordinary.”

A look at a few shots from his vast body of work shows how much we can observe if we take our blinders off –


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