5 must know Wonder Woman facts

Wonder Woman has taken over the box office, and we can’t have enough of her. The more of this superhero we get, the merrier! And because the actual source of her storyline lies in the comic books (which don’t come cheap, if you are looking to build a collection), we bring to you some super facts about the super heroine which (let’s hope) will make it to the big screen some day –

1.Wonder Woman once wielded Thor’s Mjolnir; When Thor lost control of Mjolnir after his clash with Shazam, the hammer found its way to Diana. She was able to easily lift it, augmenting her own godly powers to that of Thor’s. 

2. Wonder Woman once defeated Konvict with a single punch . Konvict is a being who has tanked punches that would shatter planets in his base form. She was also weakened at this said moment by a charm placed on her by Morghaine le Fey.

3. Wonder Woman is stronger without her bracelets: In the Silver and Bronze Age of comics, Wonder Woman was able to further increase her strength. In times of great need, removing her bracelets would temporarily augment her power tenfold, but would cause her to go insane.

4. Wonder Woman defeated a god by throwing her tiara and decapitating her challenger

5. After Maxwell Lord planned to defame the Justice League by controlling Superman’s mind and having him attack Wonder Woman and Batman, Diana discovered that the only way to stop Superman is to kill Lord. So to break the spell over Superman, Diana was happy to oblige and snap Lord’s neck.



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